If you could define the contents of a newspaper, what would that be?

A workshop in which participants compose a newspaper with ideas for the future. The community has found itself all of a sudden in the middle of a world-scale news story, so the intention is to invert this equation and give the community the chance to define the content.

October 7th and 14th 2011

BAC, Battersea Arts Centre

Thanks to all participants:

- Tony Belton

- Elena Chatziiordanou

- Emma Clarke

- Simon Cooper-Grundy

- James Cousins

  1. -Daniel Frechoso

- Lorinda Freint

- Martin Ireland

- Anthony Laban

- Isabel Losada

  1. -Camram Mohammad 

- Rebecca Patenon

  1. -Alison Royce

  1. -Hayley Short

- Emilia Vilagra

Headlines of the Future


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